Dry steam cleaner
for universal use

Our extensive product portfolio of dry steam cleaners offers versatile application possibilities for professional use in a wide range of industries. FRANK dry steam cleaners are used in the medical or care sector for disinfecting, sterilizing cleaning.

In industry or in the field of machine and plant cleaning, they are used to remove coarse residues or hard-to-reach surfaces. Together with you, we will find the optimum cleaning system for your individual area of application.

Our dry steam cleaners are available with different heating systems. There are models which are electrically heated and models which are heated with oil/gas.

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Popular applications of dry steam cleaners

Dry steam cleaners are ideal cleaning systems for cleaning large areas. For this reason, they are used in the catering and food industry sectors to remove production residues such as oils or greases without leaving any residue. Dry steam cleaners are also popular in industrial companies or in the hotel industry to clean large or structured surfaces, joints as well as paving stones. Overall, they usually have a higher cleaning performance than conventional manual cleaning methods with detergent.

In addition, dry steam cleaners are perfect for cleaning vehicles or aircraft, as they remove lubricants and grease from engines, housings and surfaces.

Disinfecting cleaning with dry steam cleaners - hygienic cleanliness with steam

Dry steam cleaners with boiler technology are particularly suitable for cleaning in the healthcare sector. Due to the high temperatures of the dry steam, surfaces, ventilation grilles, filters or similar can be almost completely freed from bacteria and viruses. When used correctly, the units eliminate up to 99.99% of enveloped viruses, such as corona or influenza viruses, and common household bacteria. The integrated suction function of the steam cleaners also ensures that the surfaces are directly dry to the touch.

Removing stubborn dirt with the help of dry steam cleaners

The dry steam cleaning method is ideal for removing dirt indoors and outdoors. The combination of the steam, special cleaning agents and mechanical friction with brass brushes remove even chewing gum and stubborn dirt from paving stones and rough surfaces.

What is dry steam?

Steam with a temperature of approx. 150° C is referred to as "wet steam". Dry steam is when the steam no longer contains liquid water droplets. In this case, the temperature is above 170 to 190° C. The higher the pressure and temperature of the steam, the drier it is. Above a temperature of 300° C, we speak of so-called "superheated steam".

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