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    FRANK Cleaning Systems

    FRANK cleaning systems are highly efficient in various industries for industrial and commercial cleaning.

    Our high-pressure and dry steam cleaners are available in a wide range of variants. Our range includes units with cold and hot water technology, integrated water boilers and detergent tanks. Due to the different heating power and water pressure, the right device can be found for every industry and every application.

    Depending on the area of application and the size of the area to be cleaned, we combine our products and find a cleaning system that really suits you. Just contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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FRANK cleaning systems are economical and proven in worldwide use

With FRANK products, you not only clean more thoroughly, but also more economically. That's why we are the right contact for municipalities and cleaning service providers.

It is impossible to imagine hygiene-sensitive areas such as kitchens, sanitary facilities, wellness areas or food production without FRANK cleaning systems. Our industrial cleaning systems are also used worldwide in schools, sports facilities, on public pathways or in the automotive sector.

Conveyor belt cleaning in the food industry

For the food industry sector, FRANK offers individual cleaning solutions. Thus, individual devices, such as a continuous flow heater, conveyor belt scraper and industrial vacuum cleaner, can be combined depending on the application and ideally adapted to the circumstances.

Parts cleaning in commercial and industrial applications

Industrial steam and high-pressure cleaners remove production residues and typical surface soiling quickly and reliably - a must for professional parts cleaning.

The high temperature of the steam enables rapid drying. Thus, the cleaned equipment, machines, surfaces and workpieces are immediately ready for use again.

Disinfection cleaning in healthcare

Dry steam cleaners allow you to easily remove bacteria, germs, or viruses and sterilize surfaces - which is why they are so popular in healthcare and nursing settings.

Indoor and outdoor surface cleaning

High-pressure cleaners have versatile applications and are suitable for cleaning indoors and outdoors. For example, they are particularly popular in the automotive industry for vehicle cleaning. Also the cleaning of paving stones or sidewalks is perfectly possible with these devices, as well as the cleaning of machines or plants.

Tank cleaning and container cleaning of large volume containers up to 10,000 liters

Our equipment is characterized by efficient and sustainable cleaning of large-volume tanks. Due to the significant saving of large quantities of water and chemicals, the cleaning is ecological and particularly resource-saving.

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