• Dry steam cleaner Steamforce

    Compact and for light cleaning applications

    Steam cleaners from the SteamForce series combine power and mobility. With their mobile frame, they are uncomplicated to move and are quickly ready for use directly at the desired location. The integrated boiler and double external chemical unit make cleaning even more thorough and ensure continuous water filling. The steam quantity regulator also allows granular adjustment of the steam quantity.

    SteamForce dry steam cleaners are ideal for industrial use, in the hotel industry as well as catering and gastronomy. Depending on the product type and application, our units reach up to 10.5 bar pressure, 20 kW power and 230V or 400V.

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Areas of use
and application of dry steam cleaner SteamForce

Leisure and hotel business

Large-area residue-free cleaning possible in a short time.


Cleaning of engines and crankcases in industrial companies, aircraft, etc.

Catering and gastronomy

Careful cleaning of oils, greases and other production residues.

Product characteristics Dry steam cleaner SteamForce

  • Very high steam volume
  • Compact, robust stainless steel housing
  • Extremely resistant
  • Industrial hose connection
  • Professional boiler
  • Continuous water supply
  • Double external chemistry unit
  • Steam quantity granular adjustable
  • Mains water connection
  • Up to 10.5 bar pressure at 20 kW output
  • Connection via 230 V or 400 V
  • Models and performance Dry steam cleaner SteamForce

  • Dry steam cleaner SteamForce
    SF3/SF3 VAC

    • Operating pressure
      8 bar
    • Steam mass flow rate
      6 kg/h
  • Dry steam cleaner SteamForce
    SF10/SF10 VAC

    • Operating pressure
      10 bar
    • Steam mass flow rate
      12 kg/h
  • Dry steam cleaner SteamForce
    SF20/SF20 VAC

    • Operating pressure
      10,5 bar
    • Steam mass flow rate
      27,6 kg/h

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