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FRANK Hochdruck- und Dampftechnologie GmbH is the leading German manufacturer of dry steam and high pressure cleaners, industrial continuous flow heaters, industrial vacuum cleaners as well as conveyor belt cleaning systems.

All FRANK cleaning solutions incorporate the experience and know-how gained from several decades of continuous technology development. Thus, FRANK not only develops innovative devices that convince with efficiency and functionality, but also does not disregard sustainability and environmental friendliness.


Über Frank

Innovative technologies

Where in many areas stubborn dirt, grease and oil have to be removed with chemicals and strong cleaning agents, FRANK technologies dissolve residues using state-of-the-art high-pressure and steam cleaners. What is striking here is not only the minimal water consumption, but also the fact that hardly any or mostly no cleaning agents need to be used.

Creative solutions

There is no limited field of application - FRANK products have been used in every industry for many years. For whom a standard product is not the right one, individual cleaning solutions are designed. These can consist of a combination of standard products or be a solution specially made for the customer.

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