• Dry ­steam ­cleaner SteamCare

    To fight bacteria and viruses

    For those who need it especially clean, the SteamCare series is interesting. The steam cleaner with boiler technology achieves outstanding cleaning results and is suitable for combating bacteria, viruses. For this reason, it is often used in the health sector. With temperatures of 180°C, surfaces, filters or ventilation grilles are cleaned in depth. What remains is a sterile and hand-dry surface.

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Areas of use
and application of dry steam cleaner SteamCare


Cleaning of filters and ventilation grilles, sparkling clean cleaning of mechanical parts.

Care Homes

Gentle, sustainable and considerate cleaning.

Medical practices

Residue-free cleaning possible in a short time even for large areas.

Product characteristics Dry steam cleaner SteamCare

  • Independently confirmed cleaning results
  • Consistent hygiene at the highest level
  • Dry steam - generated at 180°C and an operating pressure of 9 bar
  • Clean and hand-dry surfaces due to integrated suction unit
  • Compact, easy to maneuver and store
  • Optional accessories specifically designed for healthcare, especially for high-risk contact areas
  • Models and performance Dry steam cleaner SteamCare

  • Dry steam cleaner SteamCare

    • Operating pressure
      9 bar
    • Heating time
      9 min

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