• Individual cleaning solutions

    Automated cleaning solutions for cleaning during ongoing production operations

    FRANK cleaning solutions are innovative, efficient and flexible. Due to the high temperatures and cleaning with steam, no use of chemical cleaning agents is necessary and water consumption is reduced to a minimum - this is not only easy on the wallet, but also on our environment.

    Our cleaning systems can be retrofitted and integrated into existing production facilities or already taken into account when planning production. Due to the flexible combination options of different cleaning devices, we will find the solution that suits you best.

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Areas of use and application of FRANK cleaning solutions


Cleaning of engines and crankcases in industrial companies, airplanes, mechanical-electrical production machines such as pressing, punching, milling CNC machines, etc.

Belt cleaning

Cleaning of conveyor belts (belt, chain or vortex-free conveyors).


Cleaning of filters and ventilation grilles, sparkling clean cleaning of mechanical parts.

Graffiti removal/ industrial floors

Removal of large graffiti, cleaning of industrial floors

Leisure and hotel industry

Large-area residue-free cleaning possible in a short time.

Catering and gastronomy

Careful cleaning of oils, greases and other production residues.

Nursing Homes

Gentle, sustainable and considerate cleaning.

Medical practices

Residue-free cleaning possible in a short time even for large areas.

Food manufacturer and industry

Cleaning of conveyors (belt, chain or vortex-free conveyors) or containers.


Cleaning of machines, large volume containers, silos or barrels.

Painting companies

Surface treatment and preparation of facades and walls.

Maintenance cleaning

Careful cleaning of floors, terraces and other surfaces.

Areas of application

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