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    Disinfecting cleaning in healthcare

    FRANK steam cleaners are designed so that the high steam temperatures combined with low water usage clean all surfaces and even hard floors thoroughly, sterilely and deep clean. The use of dry steam cleaners is therefore very popular in the healthcare sector.

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  • Certified application in the healthcare industry

    In the healthcare industry, sterile cleaning is essential. With our cleaning systems, disinfection cleaning is effortless. The use of high steam temperatures removes 99.8% of all listeria, salmonella as well as allergen adhesions. Due to the low moisture content, surfaces are dry and ready for use immediately after cleaning.

High-pressure and steam technology for a wide range of industrial applications

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  • Conventional cleaning methods vs. dry steam

    Conventional does not clean in depth and contaminants are more likely to remain. Surfaces are attacked and deteriorate more quickly, making them harder to clean. Residues of cleaning agents pollute the environment and health.

    Dry steam penetrates deep into the structure of the surface through its finest steam particles and brings, through its surface tension, impurities to the top. With dry steam and suction, an almost absolute hygiene is created quickly and reliably on surfaces such as glass, stainless steel or a seat cover.

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