• Tank and container cleaning - innovative and efficient

    Cleaning of large volume tanks up to 10,000 liters

    Tanks and large-volume containers are used in many industrial sectors. Particularly in the food industry or for agricultural products such as grain that are processed into feed, hygienic standards must be maintained. Various EU regulations on food hygiene state that food business operators must ensure that primary products are protected from contamination for subsequent processing. If you are now wondering how to clean containers of up to 10,000 liters and approximately four meters in height, you should familiarize yourself with FRANK's cleaning technology. The automated cleaning system cleans in just two steps and removes contaminants completely in the container - without any physical force at all.

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  • Cleaning of large-volume containers with proven FRANK technology

    Current cleaning of large-volume containers is very inefficient. Large amounts of resources such as water are consumed - in some cases up to 120 l/min. Due to the use of chemicals, the wastewater load is very high, which leads to further costs.

    The FRANK cleaning technology offers many advantages over manual cleaning through the combined use of steam and high pressure cleaners. The use of steam causes a rapid detachment of soiling and adhesions, therefore the use of cleaning agents can be dispensed with in most cases.

    Due to the thorough preliminary work, the detachment of the dirt, the residues only need to be rinsed off in the follow-up. This saves water and is much more efficient compared to other cleaning methods. In addition, proteins are destroyed or denatured and microorganisms are thoroughly killed. Due to the high steam temperature, the cleaned containers dry in a very short time and are quickly ready for use again.

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