• Mobile high pressure cleaner FC-Series

    High performance and durability with compact design

    The FC-Series mobile, unheated pressure washers have smooth start-up and shutdown characteristics and automatic pressure relief after shutdown. The transport racks have high-quality corrosion protection and offer robust all-round ramming protection. Particular stability is provided by the high-quality cladding made of hot-dip galvanized and plastic-coated sheet steel. In addition, when the spray gun is closed, there is no shutdown, but rather pressureless bypass operation.

    Motor and pump form a block unit, the three-piston high-pressure pump. This is equipped with highly wear-resistant solid ceramic plungers, smooth running with a long service life.

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Areas of use and application of high pressure cleaner FC-Series

Industry, aviation and shipping

Cleaning of engines, turbines and casings in industrial companies, aircraft or ships.

Food manufacturer and industry

Cleaning of conveyors (belt, chain or vortex-free conveyors) or containers.


Cleaning of machines, large volume containers, silos or barrels.

Painting companies

Surface treatment and preparation of facades and walls.

Product characteristics
High pressure cleaner

  • Detergent dosing
  • Stepless pressure/flow regulation
  • Bypass control
  • Serviceability
  • Pressure switch control Vario Stop
  • Unheated

Pressure switch control

When the spray gun is closed, the adjustable switch-off delay of 2 to 60 seconds occurs automatically. In addition, there is no shutdown, but a pressureless bypass operation due to the special "M-Bypass System".

Automatic pressure compensation system

Automatic switching on and off of the machine when the spray gun is actuated. No pressure peaks, no recoil when actuating the gun. High operational reliability due to low load and the greatest possible protection of all components of the pressure system. Smooth startup and shutdown behavior as well as automatic pressure relief after shutdown.

  • Models and Performance High pressure cleaner FC-Series

  • High pressure cleaner
    FC 711

    • Operating pressure
      115 bar
    • Flow rate max. (l/h)
      700 l/h
  • High pressure cleaner
    FC 918

    • Operating pressure
      180 bar
    • Flow rate max. (l/h)
      900 l/h
  • High pressure cleaner
    FC 1024

    • Operating pressure
      240 bar
    • Flow rate max. (l/h)
      1020 l/h

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