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    with cold and hot water technology

    FRANK industrial high-pressure cleaners not only clean thoroughly, but also gently and softly - despite the high water pressure. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use - which is why they are indispensable for cleaning in trade or industry. Our product portfolio includes cold and hot water high-pressure cleaners that are suitable for stationary as well as mobile use. Together with you we will find out which product suits you best.

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Popular applications of cold water and hot water high pressure cleaners

Cold water high-pressure cleaners are very popular for vehicle, equipment and building cleaning because they also loosen solid dirt. They are consume less energy because there is no need to heat the water. Construction-wise, cold water units are simpler in design overall. This makes the units more compact and easier to maintain than hot water units.

Hot water high-pressure cleaners, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for removing lubricating oils or grease films, as these are liquefied and dissolved by the hot water jet. Thus, a better cleaning result can be achieved. In the food sector, proteins and fats can be dissolved particularly effectively thanks to hot water. In most cases, fats, oils and resins can already be dissolved well with hot water, which means that significantly fewer cleaning agents can be used or they can be dispensed with completely. This not only saves costs, but also protects the environment and resources.

The advantages of industrial high-pressure cleaners at a glance

Industrial high-pressure cleaners combine a variety of advantages. Among them, the low physical strain is one of the most important features. What previously had to be removed with great effort and scrubbing on the knees is now done quite simply while standing. This is easy on your back and joints - your body will thank you.

With FRANK high-pressure cleaners, you can save yourself many work steps, the use of different equipment and countless cleaning agents. And the best thing is: they are universally suitable for almost all surfaces and materials, whether smooth or textured.

Gentle cleaning despite high pressure

Although high-pressure cleaners loosen dirt with high water pressure, surfaces and objects are cleaned gently. Compared to brushes or sponges, the water jet gets into even the smallest joint or notch and leaves no residue, streaks or scratches in the substrate.

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